What Do You Have to Share?

I ran across this post, from the wee days of NOURISH Evolution, as I was editing a video I just shot for NOURISH-U. And I have to say, it inspired me. As I gear up to launch NOURISH-U, the soon-to-be educational arm of NOURISH Evolution, some of the old gremlins are creeping in. But the truth is, we ALL have knowledge and experience and wisdom to share, and we're shorting others when we DON'T do so. So I pass this post on to you again and hope it will inspire you to step out in your own voice. (PS — if you'd like to see the video–on doubling your veggies while loving every bite–e-mail me at lia (at) nourishnetwork (dot) com and I'll send you a copy.

While I’ve been “teaching” people through articles for some time now, actually teaching face to face is somewhat new to me. One of the things that I’m enjoying enormously is seeing the “a-ha” come to someone’s eyes when I answer a question or illuminate something in a way that clicks with them. The challenge is in working up the courage to open my mouth and trust what comes out.

When we let the fear of not sounding smart enough, or getting our facts jumbled, or coming off as a know-it-all render us mute we rob others of something valuable. Sure there are thousands of people out there who can speak intelligently about whole grains or why wild Alaskan salmon is a sustainable pick. But each of us presents the information in our own unique way, and the way that I do might be just what someone needs to get to the “a-ha.”

The truth is we all have knowledge to share, whether it's how to roll out a pie crust like your Grandma or why you like a particular vendor at the farmers' market. If you draw a blank then browse around a bit on NOURISH Evolution: Part of my mission is to provide information in digestible bites so you’ll feel confident about sharing with others.

This week, if someone asks a question that sparks a response in your mind, speak up and teach them what you know. I guarantee you’ll do it in a way that no one else will.

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Hey there ... I'm Lia Huber

Hey there ... I'm Lia Huber

My mission is to inspire and equip you to live a richer life through real food by becoming a more competent, confident home cook.

I’m the author of Nourished: A Memoir of Food, Faith, and Enduring Love, founder and CEO of Nourish Evolution, and the creator of Cook the Seasons, Home Cooking School, and the Real Food Reset, and I empower intentional women to cook in a way that brings them (and their families) joy, health, and ease.

Making the shift from processed food to real food doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an evolution that occurs over time, with effort, intention, and belief. And it will change the course of your life. Are you ready to take the first step? I’m so glad you’re here … and I’m honored to be with you on the journey to becoming nourished!

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