See if this sounds familiar ...


You start out the week with the best of intentions. Visions of veggies filling your plate. Of your family sneaking seconds of healthy foods. Of going days in a row without calling for takeout. 


But by the time Wednesday rolls around, all you have are a bunch of wilted veggies in the bottom of the crisper drawer and a trash full of takeout cartons.


And after a week of eating the opposite of how you want to be eating, you feel out of whack, frustrated, and deflated.


I know how it feels! I used to feel like a failure pulling all those veggies I didn’t use out of the fridge and dumping them on top of an empty chow mein container!


But here’s the thing … it’s not your fault. 


It’s just that you don’t have the right way to plan your meals … yet.

Because the thing is ...


Most of us don’t have hours to spend cooking every night. 


I know I don’t (and I've been a professional recipe developer for over 20 years!). And I’m betting you don’t either. 


But the reality is that veggies and other healthy foods take more time to prep than processed foods. 


So what do you do if you really, truly want to eat better, but don’t have time (or energy) to spare?


The answer is -- you strategically leverage the time you do spend in the kitchen to serve you not just once … but all throughout the week. 


Want to know how? 👇


Cook the Seasons gives you ...

  • Confidence and calm

    With just 10 minutes of planning (the photos will make your mouth water!), you’ll have your recipes, shopping list, and Meal Map for the week. So you’ll never have to stress about “what’s for dinner?” … and you won’t have to start from scratch.

  • More veggies with less effort

    Over the weekend, you’ll make multiple batches of simple (delicious) “Core” recipes for one mix-and-match meal, and stash away leftovers to turn into one-dish “Reinvention” recipes throughout the week that come together in minutes.

  • Veggies you'll fall in love with

    If you’re worried about sidelining the meat and potatoes to let veggies take center stage, don’t be. We make veggies taste so good (bye-bye mushy broccoli) that even picky eaters -- and “skeptical spouses” -- will be going for seconds.

  • No more waste

    With Cook the Seasons, you buy only what you need, use everything you buy, and eat everything you cook. So at the end of the week, you’re not tossing a bunch of wilted veggies and finding containers covered in green fuzz. Which means big savings too!

Because I'll tell you a secret ...


Even as a professional recipe developer, I had a hard time finding time and energy to consistently get home-cooked meals on the table. 


Until I stumbled on a revolutionary meal planning system that made it all possible (with less effort!). It changed my life ... and has since changed the lives of thousands of others with Cook the Seasons. 

Here's how easy it is to use
Cook the Seasons



Choose what you want to cook with from peak-of-season veggies.


Choose what you want to cook with from peak-of-season veggies.


Choose what you want to cook with from peak-of-season veggies.

So this is how your week will look ...

Imagine how you'll feel a week from now when you come home on a Wednesday, open the fridge, and see the makings of a nourishing dinner just minutes away.

There's a lotta good to look forward to ...

Here's what you'll get with Cook the Seasons ... 


    This is where all the fun happens! A gorgeous, Pinterest-like layout where you can browse 600+ plus recipes that have been crafted to "play well" together. Core Recipes that mix and match. Reinvention Recipes that repurpose leftovers. Browse on your computer, tablet, or phone and add any recipe to your weekly Meal Mapper with one click.


    Once you choose a Core Recipe, the dynamic sidebar will show you what other recipes goes well with it, and what Reinvention recipes you can make with leftovers.


    When you're ready to plan your week, open the Meal Mapper and click on a day to find the Core and Reinvention recipes you've chosen for that week. Then decide which day you want to make or prep each recipe.


      When you're ready to head to the market and cook, simply click a button for your shopping list and recipes. The shopping list is divided into sections for easy gathering, and recipes are automatically scaled based on what you have in your Meal Mapper.


      Each Friday I'll send you a bonus recipe and my own personal Meal Mapper, so you’ll always have a head start – even on weeks when you're behind the 8-ball. Just click on it to print out the Meal Mapper PDF, along with the Shopping List and Recipes.


      Having one of those weeks where you can't even carve out enough time to plan? No worries -- just pick one of our "Done-for-You" Meal Mappers from the growing library. Then print out the Shopping List and Recipe Pack and go!

    • Ask questions, share your meals and connect with the passionate (and hungry!) Cook the Seasons community. Our members are an amazing, supportive, creative bunch.

    Plus access to our entire video library, including ... 


    Get stocked up for success. Think of your pantry as the backbone of seasonal meals. I’ll tell you just what you need for each season and how to use it (for example, do you know which olive oil to use when?).


    Make sure you have everything you need to make your prep as painless as possible. Each season requires its own set of tools, and these are the essential ones you'll use again and again … you'll be surprised by how simple most of them are!

    Just imagine how good it will feel to end a week feeling deeply satiated and like you did right by yourself and your family, with no extra food to throw away. 

    It's easy as pie to get started ...


    And choose a Seasonal or Annual Subscription (we have a 15-day money back guarantee, so there's no risk!)


    You’ll get instant access to the site, along with our “Get Started Game” to help you plan out your first week. And as you browse, you can feel great knowing that -- as delicious as the recipes are -- they’re all healthy, nourishing, and made with real foods!


    As soon as you're signed up, you can request access to our private Facebook group. The Nourish team and I are there to offer encouragement, suggestions, and help whenever you need it, and you’ll find an incredible community of people devoted to nourishing themselves, their families.

    Pick your plan


    Seasonal Subscription


    per quarter

    3-months access

    15-day money-back guarantee

    Auto-renewal / cancel at any time

    Annual Subscription


    per year

    ** 22% savings! **

    12-months access

    15-day money-back guarantee

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    Are you ready to get started?


    Get Started Game

    As soon as you register, you'll receive your Welcome e-mail with login information. And as soon as you login. You'll see our Get Started Game, which walk you step-by-step through creating your first Meal Map.

    Getting Started Meal Mapping Playbook

    Think of this like a cheat sheet to help you with your first Meal Map. We've got dozens of simple Meal Maps that you can use for inspiration, for every taste and diet. 

    Getting Started Facebook Live Q&As

    If you have questions once you dive in, Lia will be there to answer in a Facebook Live. You never know who will show up in a cameo! 😉

    Our members LOVE our Member Challenges! We all come together to encourage, support, and cheer as we plan, prep, and cook together ... and win prizes too! 

    "But Lia...

    (I know what you're thinking 😉...)

    "My family are picky eaters... I'm afraid they won't like it."

    • I get it … we’re trained to think that kids won’t like food that’s inherently healthy. But read the dozens of testimonials here (and dozens more that couldn’t fit!) from families who were floored that their kids (and picky spouses) gobbled up Cook the Seasons meals … and then gobbled up all the leftovers designated for Reinvention Recipes. The biggest “problem” families have with Cook the Seasons, in fact, isn’t that their kids won’t eat the meals … it’s that they eat all the leftovers!

    "I just cook for myself... I'm afraid this won't work for me."

    • We have LOTS of solo cooks in Cook the Seasons, and they love how easy it is to scale the week according to what works for them. They also love the incredibly engaged, supportive community through our Facebook group!

    "I don't have time to cook... I'm afraid Cook the Seasons will be a waste of time for me."

    • On the contrary, my friend. Cook the Seasons will actually save you time (and, quite frankly, money). By creating a simple plan at the beginning of the week and prepping many of the dishes during your free time, you’ll find you’re spending MUCH less time in the kitchen–and on frantic, last-minute runs to the supermarket–than before.

    "I'm not much of a cook... I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed with Cook the Seasons."

    • So … have I told you that it is my mission in life to help people like you make a shift from processed food to real food in real life? Really, it is. So if you’re wanting to make a shift to eating more seasonal veggies and whole foods you (quite literally) could not be in a better place. Not only did we design Cook the Seasons for you, we’ve got a Facebook Group full of people (myself included) who are thrilled to have the opportunity to walk beside you on your NOURISH Evolution! Yes, it’s a learning curve, and like all learning curves it takes time to master. But we won’t let you get overwhelmed!

    "I'm gluten free and my daughter/son/spouse is paleo/vegan/dairy free... I'm afraid I won't find anything that will work for us."

    • You’re not alone. Which is why we’ve marked each recipe with an icon indicating whether they’re Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free or Paleo Friendly. So you can choose what works for you. What’s more, Cook the Seasons is based on seasonal vegetables, which are naturally “all of the above,” and we work hard to build flavor in healthier ways (like simple pestos and rubs) rather than leaning on “easy outs” like cheese or carbs.

    "I've never really liked vegetables... I'm afraid I'd be biting off more than I can (or want to) chew."

    • Oh my goodness, I hear you. I used to HATE vegetables. That’s one of the things that makes Cook the Seasons so different … these aren’t just “steamed broccoli and salad” veggies, these are veggie dishes that have been crafted to taste so amazing you can’t wait to eat them again. But don’t take my word for it … read what Cook the Seasons members say! Many start Cook the Seasons thinking it’ll help them eat the way they should … but they quickly realize the food is so good that they’re eating the way they want to.

    "I'm already pretty comfortable in the kitchen... I'm afraid Cook the Seasons will be too basic for me."

    • While many of our members are still getting comfortable in the kitchen, we have plenty of members who are quite confident cooks, and we’ve designed Cook the Seasons to work for the whole range. If you’re a more seasoned cook (har har), dip into our Flavor Builders to ratchet up the complexity of any of the dishes, or choose the ones (like our Homemade Gravlax or Pickled Radishes) that push the envelope.

    "This is more than I want to spend... I'm afraid it's not going to be worth it."

    • If you’re just looking for a software tool to gather random recipes off the internet, then don’t buy Cook the Seasons. Really, don’t. Cook the Seasons is a carefully curated and developed set of recipes that are designed to work together as simple mix-and-match meals, whose leftovers are strategically repurposed for easy meals during the week. The result is a subtle shifting of the way you plan, the way you cook, the way you eat. Plus, you end up saving money because there’s no wasted food. But don’t take my word for it … read what others have experienced — and give it a try! We offer a 15-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk at all.

    A few last thoughts ...

    I believe that food is a doorway into a richer life — one where we’re more connected to a deeper part of ourselves, more joyful and present with others, and more grateful for what’s right in front of us. 


    Which is why I founded Nourish Evolution after nearly two decades as a professional food writer and recipe developer for magazines like Cooking Light, Eating Well, and Health


    To give people the tools and inspiration they need to live richer, more delicious lives through real food. 


    You’ll find inspiration in my book, Nourished: A Memoir of Food, Faith, and Enduring Love, and in our free content on the web and social. And you’ll find practical tools for living a nourished life through our paid programs, Cook the Seasons, the Real Food Reset, and Home Cooking School.


    Because I also believe -- that with the right inspiration and tools -- we all have the capacity, time, and resources to claim a nourished life if we choose.  


    I hope you'll join me ...


    Be nourished,


    Copyright NOURISH Evolution :: All rights reserved