Wheat Berry Salad with Middle Eastern Spices, Grilled Tomatoes & Eggplant

This wheat berry salad always wows those new to whole grains. The smokiness of the grilled tomatoes, creaminess of the eggplant and haunting complexity of the spice paste create quite a sensation. Soft wheat berries have a toothsome starchy quality that works well in this recipe.



5 Replies to “Wheat Berry Salad with Middle Eastern Spices, Grilled Tomatoes & Eggplant”

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  2. I work in a test kitchen, and so often I get stuck using the same flavors repeatedly. Its nice to see whole grains and vegetables used with flavors I dont think of often!
    This recipes sounds tasty.

  3. Julie … I feel for you! My grill is on the fritz too. I broke down and bought a “backup” kettle.

    Bitesforthought … Glad to hear! As a long-time recipe developer of dishes that got run through test kitchens (I wonder if you’ve ever made mine …?), I always tried to challenge myself to come up with some interesting twist. The habit, thankfully, has stuck here at the “test kitchen” of NOURISH Evolution ;-).

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