Red Lentil Dal with Caramelized Onions

Dal is an Indian cuisine comfort-food standby made with lentils, dried beans or peas. Tarka is a technique in which spices are sauteed in fat to magnify their flavor. And as we learned from spice guru Monica Bhide, you’ll enjoy  even more vivid flavor if you grind whole spices. Depending on your choice of cooking fat and stock, you can make this a vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free. Prepare the tarka and raita while the lentils simmer. Serve this dal with brown basmati rice, roasted cauliflower and our Fennel and Mint Raita.



8 Replies to “Red Lentil Dal with Caramelized Onions”

  1. Definitely trying this very soon! I’ve been trying to learn more about cooking Indian food and love that I have all the spices in my cabinet 🙂 And it’s so true- grinding your own spices is SO much better!

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  4. One of the best dahls I’ve ever made! Served it over basmati rice.
    I didn’t have fennel seeds on hand, so I added some thinly sliced fennel bulb with the onions/carrot/garlic. Also, if you don’t grind your own spices don’t worry, all of my spices were pre-ground and it still tasted amazing!

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