Hot-Smoked Arctic Char with Greens and Golden Beets

Arctic char is a relative of salmon and trout, with flavor is somewhere between the two, and it has a luscious fattiness. The fish is native to chilly Arctic waters, and it’s a good option for sustainable aquaculture since the fish are cultivated in closed recirculating tank systems, according to Paul Greenberg, author of Four Fish. I had a hot-smoked Arctic char salad similar to this one at the Los Angeles restaurant Ammo. This recipe demonstrates how easy it is to smoke fish on a standard grill. Serve the smoked arctic char warm or chilled. This recipe also works well with wild salmon.



3 Replies to “Hot-Smoked Arctic Char with Greens and Golden Beets”

  1. This recipe seems promising, unfortunately I threw out the batch I made because it was too salty. Not one bite was edible. It was way too salty; I felt my blood pressure raise with every bite. Maybe I’ll try the recipe again another time but with just half the salt.

  2. Ai-ya, Melissa! Thank you for posting. You need to rinse the fish after removing it from the brine–a step that we’ve now added into the recipe. It makes a big difference!

    We apologize for the omission and hope you’ll give it another try.

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