Creamy Corn Polenta

This polenta bridges the gap from summer to fall. Starchy, last-of-the-season fresh corn is ideal for this polenta recipe, giving it a natural creaminess, while the vanilla brings out its sweetness.



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  1. Lia, would you make corn broth from the cobs rather than using water? I love to do that for soups like chowders and bisques. Our corn here is very sweet, I think California might have more starchy varieties. I tought our friend Celine (Freshman at MIT) how to shuck and microwave fresh corn on the cob. She’s from Bakersfield so this sweet corn is a revelation to her!

  2. I’ve tried that before and found it to lend a bit of sweetness and flavor, but there wasn’t a whole lot of body to it. This “milk” that comes from pureeing the actual kernels is much more concentrated and, yes, higher in starch content. Not sure how the varietals in CA versus MA compare . . . it would be an interesting taste test!

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