Carrots with Coconut, Lime and Cashews

Deborah Madison’s Vegetable Literacy came in the mail yesterday and I had about 40 recipes tagged within the first 40 minutes. This dish featuring carrots was one of them. I’ve been on the lookout for seasonal vegetable recipes that take a different direction than I might, while keeping everything short and simple for busy nights. This one from Deborah Madison hit that spot perfectly. I’ve embellished a bit to make it into vegan main dish, but you could pull back to the basic carrots, coconut oil and lime and serve it as a side dish. Either way, I cannot recommend  heartily enough.



2 Replies to “Carrots with Coconut, Lime and Cashews”

  1. This is a delicious recipe and so colorful. I haven’t seen this cookbook or the others you’ve mentioned but will be sure to check them out on Amazon. I have enough cookbooks already to open my own store. A few more won’t hurt!

    • Definitely worth making a spot for … I literally have blocked out time on my calendar to indulge in leafing through the rest of it.

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