VIDEO: Dicing a Bell Pepper

Watch this KTVC cooking video, in which NOURISH Evolution founder Lia Huber demonstrates how to dice a bell pepper. It’s a simple cooking tip that will help you save time in the kitchen.

NOURISH Evolution Kitchen Tips: Dicing a Bell Pepper from Lia Huber on Vimeo.


4 Replies to “VIDEO: Dicing a Bell Pepper”

  1. Lia, love your dicing/cutting segments. Funny how basic stuff stumps me sometimes….like cutting and dicing odd shaped food. 🙂 So, with that in mind, can you alert me when you put up a video segment on cutting cauliflower? Would love to watch how you do that!

  2. Dicing red bell isn’t the issue for me, it’s PEELING a red bell first, then dicing. A video on how chefs peel them before the brunoise would be really helpful – THX!

  3. June2 . . . Peeling a raw pepper is next to impossible–you’ll want to char the skin first, then let it steam for a bit in a paper bag, and then rub the skin off. I always tell people to make sure they get absolutely every inch of the pepper black and blistered, so that the skin pulls away from the flesh and comes off easily. If the skin is still red (or yellow or orange, depending on the color of the pepper), it still be difficult to get off.

    Stay tuned, though, I’ll definitely have a KTVC of charring bell peppers in the future!

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