Swiss Chard with Grated Garlic

This chard recipe is my new go-to green dish. I can literally go from picking chard from the garden to getting this on the table in under 10 minutes. And don’t let the humble ingredients list fool you … these greens are loaded with flavor. I recommend zipping and chopping the greens, then giving them a good rinse in a big bowl of cold water and spinning or straining them dry. A Microplane zester works best for this dish because it grates the garlic so finely as to make almost a paste. If you don’t have a Microplane zester, use the finest grater you have and cook a tad longer.



2 Replies to “Swiss Chard with Grated Garlic”

  1. This is so delicious! I actually crave it for a few days after I fix it, so now I know to buy more Swiss Chard!

  2. That is so awesome, Janelle. I know … it cooks down so surprisingly much. The people at the market look like I’m nuts, but I’m like, “hey … trust me, it’ll be gone in a FLASH!”

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