Nourishing No-Knead Bread

Making this bread recipe, adapted from cookbook author and cooking teacher Penni Wisner, is one of the best things I do all week. From mixing the ingredients to flipping the finished loaf out of the pan, the whole process is satisfying. And with this no-knead technique, time and the yeast do most of the work for you. I like dusting the dough with cornmeal for a nice crunch, though you can use sesame seeds, poppy seeds, rolled oats or simply flour. I highly recommend using a kitchen scale to weigh the flour — it’s easier, really, and you’ll get more consistent results.




7 Replies to “Nourishing No-Knead Bread”

  1. Gorgeous pic> saw what you said over at Google+ and I say embrace the overhead! Beautiful. Overheads work great when the food is this spectacular looking. GREG

  2. What a beautiful loaf! I have used the no-knead method for years but I have worked it out to avoid the floury towels. Too much laundry. 🙂

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