Carnitas de Lia

These carnitas are based on a recipe by Michele Anna Jordan that I’ve been using for years. Because the pork is braised in its own juice, these carnitas are much lighter than the traditional version, which is cooked in ample fat. Serve this Mexican-style pulled pork with guacamole, lime wedges, salsa and a basket of hot tortillas.



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  2. Doesn’t it though? After making all these batches of carnitas (first for this piece, then for the ABC segment) and freezing them, we FINALLY ate a meal with them last night. It was fabulous, and a great way to welcome family who had flown all the way across the country.

  3. Just had the last of of our carnitas for lunch today. The way they re-heat in a saute pan and get all crispy (no added oil of any kind) is just perfect. The sizzling sounds thankfully drowned out our daughter’s blood-curdling screams that she didn’t want to take a nap.

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