Buffalo Blue Burgers with Celery Slaw

The inspiration for these buffalo burgers is somewhat obvious — the combo of hot sauce, blue cheese and celery is a buffalo wings classic — but the tie to sustainability and healthy ecosystems might not be as clear. I was turned into a buffalo (bison) lover by Dan O’Brien, of Wild Idea Buffalo, who talked about bringing back bison in order to save his beloved South Dakota plains. The two, it seems, are healthiest when living together … a perfect illustration of a thriving ecosystem. These flavorful burgers will be a hit at any summer barbecue.




2 Replies to “Buffalo Blue Burgers with Celery Slaw”

  1. If I could I would rate these MORE than five stars. Wow, these were GREAT, and my husband is still talking about them a week after we prepared them. We decided that these could be our new “go to” burger recipe (we buy a quarter of a bison every year and always are looking for ways of using the ground).

    A wonderful combination of flavors and textures. The only change we made was to simply use Frank’s Hot Sauce in lieu of the sauce in the recipe. The slaw adds such nice crunch and a cool compliment to the heat of the burgers.

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