Spicy-Sweet Pickled Cucumbers

These pickled cucumbers are inspired by the spicy-sweet pickles served at Saffron, a popular Thai takeaway in San Diego. Use thin-skinned Japanese, Persian, English or pickling cucumbers, and slice them as thinly as possible. If you have a mandolin or Japanese slicer, this a good time to use it; otherwise, just use a razor-sharp chef’s knife. Serve these pickled cucumbers as a refreshing summer side dish, or use them as a condiment in sandwiches and tacos. They’d be delicious on a sandwich or tortilla with Grass-Fed Beef Bulgogi and Fiery-Sweet Peach Salsa.




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    • I would, Trena. It won’t have quite the same taste, but will still be delicious. You could also try alternative sugars like coconut sugar or sucanat.

      • Thank you Lia. I’m working at eliminating sugar from my diet as much as possible. I remember, I bought some Demerara washed raw cane sugar. Perhaps that, or maple syrup would be sweeter.

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