Slow-Cooked Molasses-Honey Baked Beans

This baked beans recipe is an (updated) old Mack family favorite. Now, it’s one of the staples our friends look forward to at Huber gatherings. It has a long list of “goes with” … hot dogs, hamburgers, roast pork, barbecued chicken. You name it. Honestly, these baked beans make a meal in and of themselves. They also freeze really well, which makes them ideal to pull out for camping or ski trips, when we know we’ll be feeding a crowd.



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  1. You’ll love it, Elizabeth. And the great thing is … it kind of goes with any season. I keep trying to refrain of calling it “the little black dress of down home side dishes,” but, oops. There, I did it.

  2. Hi Lisa! Made this last week-end but didn’t care for the large beans but loved the taste. Could you make it with something like navy beans?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful recipe for a great staple. The fact that it freezes even better. Is there a reasonable non-meat substitute for the bacon that can provide the depth, richness, and flavor. I appreciate it may be a slight different taste and that is ok.

    • GREAT question! And the answer is yes, absolutely. I would play with dried and smoked chiles here. Specifically, guajillo would add a lovely depth of flavor and chipotle a note of smokiness. Just soak them in warm water until soft, then mince and saute with the onion. You may also want to add–strange as this sounds–a tablespoon of soy sauce. That will add the savory sense of umami that the bacon brings to the beans.

      Have fun!

  4. It is 20 below zero in Michigan today, so I wanted to make something healthy and hearty. Only had Lima beans in the cupboard, so I whipped these up. Substituted a smoked turkey wing for the bacon, and homemade oatmeal bread. Delicious!

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