Roasted Root Veggies

This basic recipe  for roasted winter root veggies is one we turn to again and again with different mixtures depending on what’s at the market. I love how, after about 15 minutes, the kitchen is perfumed with a deep, sweet scent that lingers well past dinner. These seasonal winter vegetables are super versatile too. Serve them with anything–or on their own–or fold them into pasta or a frittata. And it’s a perfect recipe to practice your knife skills.



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  4. You can totally do that, Janelle. In fact, I just did it yesterday. Just make sure they’re all coated with olive oil (massage them around), keep them in an airtight ziploc bag and hold off on adding the salt and pepper until you’re ready to roast.

  5. I served these to 18 people for Christmas Dinner instead of mashed potatoes.  People raved about them…and my house smelled fabulous while they were roasting!

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