Halloween Snacks for a Goblin

Yep, it’s that time again. The day (the week, let’s face it) when we dread over-sugared children and the unrelenting beckoning of foods we have no desire to eat, yet can’t. seem. to. help. ourselves. So I say, be proactive. Cook up some healthy Halloween snacks that you can say “yes” to without feeling like a fiend … and that won’t leave you feeling ghoulish.




Happy Halloween!




Peanut-Sweet Potato Soup

Strangely enough, peanuts and sweet potatoes make a great pair. Between the warm fall hues of this sweet potato soup and the crisp, bright flavors of the Fennel-Apple Salad accompanying it (get the recipe in the Nourish Weekly Menus archive), this meal is truly a feast for the senses.