Win a Free Copy of “Sustainable Sushi”!

Confusion over seafood sustainability comes to the surface whenever you eat sushi. The names of the fish are different, and it’s difficult to know whether they’ve been sustainably caught (if it’s wild) or farmed. Casson Trenor’s book, Sustainable Sushi (North Atlantic Books) makes it easy to dope out whether you should order the awabi (abalone). (Yes, if it’s farmed; no, if it’s wild.)

This week, we’re giving away a free copy of Sustainable Sushi!

Trenor is just the guy to write this guide. He has dedicated his career to marine stewardship, including efforts to end illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean. He has been named a Time magazine Environmental Hero and an Ocean Protection Hero by Save Our Shores. He’s also a serious sushi lover. Sustainable Sushi tells the story behind the fish on the sushi menu and offers clear guidelines for what to order so you can continue to enjoy your shiromaguro (as long as it’s troll-caught from Pacific waters) and other fish.

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Kouun (good luck)!