Our Casual Spanish Dinner Menu

NOURISH Evolution community member Karen dipped into our archives to make this cozy braised chicken dish, using local chicken and tomatoes she’d canned at the end of the summer. We think you’ll love it, too, especially paired with a simple salad and side. It’s delicious for a casual dinner with friends, and any leftovers will provide tasty a tasty lunch or supper later in the week.

To start:

You don’t need to get too fancy. Fresh salad greens tossed with our Go-To Vinaigrette will deliver maximum flavor for little effort. Top with shaved Manchego, a Spanish sheep’s milk cheese.

Main event:

Smoked paprika and sherry vinegar (you can sub red wine vinegar in a pinch) lend Spanish flair to our easy Braised Chicken and Chickpeas  with Smoked Paprika. Even better, the whole thing comes together in less than an hour. Prep the salad and side dish while the chicken braises.

On the side:

You’ll want a loaf of crusty bread to sop up every bite of the chicken. A sidecar of Spicy Sauteed Rainbow Chard with Golden Raisins adds extra color to the plate.

For dessert:

We’re celebrating NOURISH Evolution’s first birthday this week, and you can join the fun by making our Spiced Pumpkin Harvest Bundt Cake with Pecans. Enjoy it after this supper, and nibble on it throughout the week–tuck a slice into everyone’s lunch box for a special treat! (OK, I admit, I’d probably have a slice for breakfast with a cup of coffee.)

To sip:

Pick up a bottle of Spanish red Rioja or a syrah to complement this menu’s bold flavors. Want to know your own wine personality? Take this quiz!

Spicy Sauteed Rainbow Chard with Golden Raisins

Rainbow chard’s vibrant orange, red and magenta stems are too pretty to toss into the compost. They have a crunchy texture similar to celery and add a colorful confetti-like cheer to this speedy saute. Serve as a side dish with, well, just about anything (it’s especially tasty with our Spiced Pork Roast) or toss with hot pasta and goat cheese for meatless entree.