Win a Free iSkin Duo iPad Cover!

If you have an iPad and you like to cook, it probably accompanies you into the kitchen. Mine certainly does. But you want to protect that investment from getting wet or dirty. We like the iSkin Duo, which is a fitted silicone cover.

This week, we’re giving away a free iSkin Duo iPad cover in NOURISH Evolution blue!

The iSkin Duo fits your iPad like a glove for a slim profile. What I like best is that it covers the iPad’s various buttons so they can’t get gunked up with crud when I accidentally grab it with floury hands (hey, it happens). It’s made from BPA-free silicone that’s also antimicrobial. If the iSkin gets dirty, you can wash it with warm water and dish soap and let it air-dry. Heck, if it gets really dirty, you can sanitize it by throwing it in boiling water.

But, friends, you have to play to win this iPad must-have accessory.

So here’s the deal. Only NOURISH Evolution members are eligible to win, so now’s the time to join if you haven’t already! Then, head on over to the Thursday Giveaway group in our community area and leave a comment to be entered to win (important: be sure you’re signed in to NOURISH Evolution so we can find you).

Lia will announce the winner in next Friday’s Friday Digest!

Good luck!