Win 100 Stamp Credits From Paperless Post

Man, we love when sustainability, convenience and elegance intersect, and they all come together in this week’s  goody. We’re giving away 100 stamp credits (the equivalent of sending 100 cards to 100 people!) for the elegant greetings on Paperless Post to make it easy to send your holiday greetings without ever slapping a stamp on an envelope.

Win 100 stamp credits from Paperless Post!

At the risk of sounding like Scrooge, holiday cards are lovely (I especially look forward to my sister-in-law’s wonderfully snarky annual Christmas letter!), but let’s face it, they tend to end up in the recycling bin (unless you’re hoping to appear in a future episode of Hoarders). But Paperless Post lets you send gorgeous virtual cards, which you can design to suit your own style, including your own message or even photo cards. You can also use the stamps to create invitations, announcements or greetings for any occasion. At the same time you’ll save money (each Paperless Post card costs only about 20 cents) and trees (did you know it takes one tree to make 1,000 cards?).  Paperless Post’s collections also include City Harvest cards with designs like these adorable snowmen. A pound of food is donated to New York’s City Harvest for every City Harvest card sent via Paperless Post, so you can really spread the cheer!

But you have to enter to win.

So here’s the deal. Only NOURISH Evolution members are eligible to win, so now’s the time to join if you haven’t already! Then, head on over to the Thursday Giveaway group in our community area and leave a comment to be entered to win (important: be sure you’re signed in to NOURISH Evolution so we can find you).

Lia will announce the winner in next week’s Friday Digest!

Happy Holidays!