I Have 20+ Holiday Recipes on the Shelves Right Now!

I’ll often lose track of what articles I have coming out when until someone pings me and says, “hey, I saw your article!” But this month I’m turning the tables. I’ve got 20 something holiday recipes in various pubs on grocery store shelves at the moment … and I wanted to let you all know!

Eating WellA Simple Celebration: Savor the bounty of the Americas, from juicy turkey and wild rice to cranberries and chocolate, with this easy, delicious Thanksgiving menu. I’d wanted to write this piece celebrating foods native to the Americas for a long, long time. Eating Well bought it this year and we came up with some amazing dishes … just ask anyone who came to our “Thanksgiving in April” testing dinner! I’m making the Salt and Sage Rubbed Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Better Homes and Gardens – Holiday Recipes Special Interest Publication.I’ve got a few features in this one–Stuffing, Salads–and a whole lot of recipes scattered throughout. I’m making the Oysters Rockefeller Stuffing for our Thanksgiving; it’s crazy good, luscious and creamy and savory.

Santa Rosa Press DemocratA Feast for the Fussy. I thought Diane Peterson did a great job on this piece, which addresses the touchy subject of how to serve a holiday meal when there are a myriad of food needs and preferences at the table. My advice? Make the most of the season’s gorgeous greens and squash and root veggies.