A Nourishing Fourth of July Feast

Some of you may shy away from chicken legs, thinking them a less than healthy choice. But I’d urge you to think again … especially for the grill. A leg has roughly 60 calories more than half a chicken breast, and just 2 grams more saturated fat. But that extra fat helps keep it nice and moist under fire.

My suggestion? Indulge in one of these super flavorful Mahogany Grilled Chicken Legs, and fill up the rest of your plate with crispy, creamy Romaine Slaw and Simple Herbed Couscous. Finish up with this fruit-laden Cherry Apricot Almond Tart. It’s a balanced plate, yet supremely satisfying … and altogether nourishing.

Happy Fourth, everyone!

Mahogany Grilled Chicken

To me there’s something beguiling about a bronzed grilled chicken leg, and these most certainly fill that bill. Serve with fresh, cool, creamy (easy) Romaine Slaw for a nice contrast of tastes and textures. These grilled chicken legs are stunning picnic or potluck fare. You don’t have to tell anyone how easy they are to make!