Win a Free Copy of “Perfect Table Settings”!

The highlight of my week–so far, anyway–has been mastering the Elf Boot napkin fold. It’s one of more than 100 ways to fold a napkin in Denise Vivaldo’s new book, Perfect Table Settings (Robert Rose).

Win a free copy of Denise’s fun book, Perfect Table Settings: Hundreds of Easy and Elegant Ideas for Napkin Folds and Table Arrangements!

As Denise notes, cloth napkins are an eco-friendly choice and one of the easiest and cheapest ways to dress up your table. Dipping into her book is a little like opening a bag of potato chips–you can’t stop at just one. I started browsing and folding, working my way from simple folds, like the Bird’s Next and Pope’s Hat, up to the more advanced (and seasonally appropriate) origami that is the Elf Boot. Perfect Table Settings also has ideas for themed parties, tips on buying flowers in season and some simple recipes, too.

But you have to enter to win.

So here’s the deal. Only NOURISH Evolution members are eligible to win, so now’s the time to join if you haven’t already! Then, head on over to the Thursday Giveaway group in our community area and leave a comment to be entered to win (important: be sure you’re signed in to NOURISH Evolution so we can find you).

Lia will announce the winner in next week’s Friday Digest!

Good luck, and just to whet your appetite, here’s a picture of my Elf Boots! (OK, I just like showing them off!)