Want to Save 12,755 Minutes This Year?

I am busting out excited. Nourish Weekly Menus is finally HERE! And to celebrate, we’ve got a week’s worth of fun giveaways and terrific discounts going on over on our Facebook page. The first, on Wednesday, is a free video and worksheet on 7 Ways to Save 12,755 minutes this year and coupon for 5 FREE weeks of Nourish Weekly Menus!

So I thought for today’s post I’d give you 7 Reasons Nourish Weekly Menus will rock the way you eat:

  • It’s just what you need |  Other menu services give breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. We don’t. The vast majority of people struggle most with getting dinner on the table Monday through Thursday, so that’s what we focus on. We carefully craft the week, using Sunday as a launching pad for making foods do double duty—saving you time and cutting down on waste. (You may be able to enjoy some tasty leftovers for lunch, too.)
  • It’s designed for weeknights  | Most of the weeknight recipes are on the table in 30 minutes or less … many with just a few minutes of hands-on prep. We also don’t assume you have a staff of sous chefs and dishwashers on hand (we don’t), so we think about things like streamlining steps and using as few pans as possible when we develop our recipes.
  • We believe whole foods can be “fast food” too  | We don’t take shortcuts with processed ingredients, because they often end up sabotaging with sodium, fillers, calories and fat that you wouldn’t put there on your own. Instead, we focus on seasonal vegetables, whole grains, and sustainably-sourced meat, poultry and seafood, along with smart strategies for making them “fast food” on a weeknight.
  • We balance your plate |  A big part of a nourishing lifestyle is a balanced plate. You get to feel great that you’re serving a meal with all the right proportions (and portions!)
  • You know you’re getting sustainable choices  | We don’t dictate your priorities, but we do steer you towards sustainable choices. All of the seafood we feature in our nourishing menus, for instance, are sustainable picks, and we use much less meat than traditional menu services.
  • You’ll get really, really scrumptious recipes  | This ain’t a “boiled carrots and baked chicken” type of menu service (you know what I mean). We’re talking delectable, scrumptious, nourishing recipes developed by me and Alison, two veterans of Cooking Light magazine. PLUS, gorgeous photos and eye-candy layouts that will get your whole family excited about the week.
  • We give you tools you can really use |  We asked a LOT of questions when we were concepting Nourish Weekly Menus, which allowed us to craft out how we delivered each week’s recipes in a way that really works. The exact opposite of a “drag and drop” approach, we give you a weekly menu chart with helpful icons to let you know what dishes will be doing double duty, which ones freeze well, which ones take less than 30 minutes, and which are yummy for lunch the next day. Then we give you a Menu Map with step-by-step flow for each night (Preheat oven, bring water to boil, while waiting prep vegetables, etc.) to help you get the timing right. And, of course, your weekly shopping list and recipes. The whole package works together to make getting nourishing meals on the table entirely doable (we’ll have more about how everything works together on our Facebook page Friday).

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PS: I’d love your help spreading the word! If you’re comfortable doing so, please let your friends know about Nourish Weekly Menus and our launch week by sharing this link http://ht.ly/5ny0l on Twitter, Facebook, wherever you like. Thank you!


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