Baby Cuisine Cookbook

Here’s a serious feel-good thing to do today: help Shane and Chantal Valentine fund a second printing of their awesome Baby Cuisine Cookbook by pledging a donation here on Kickstarter.

I first found out about Shane and Chantal through their website, Alina’s Cucina, and instantly fell in love with their approach. Shane is a trained chef. His wife is a marketing guru. When they had their first baby, Alina, they were both committed to feeding her food that would help her form healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

When I first met Shane and Chantal face to face a little over a year ago, they were about to bust out a brand new set of twins and were in the midst of evaluating publishing options for their cookbook. They decided to self-publish a small run, and were immediately picked up by Whole Foods in Northern California. Distribution has now expanded into the Northwest and the Valentines are looking to transition to a hardcover (they originally printed in a handy spiral bound format, but found out it didn’t ship super well) and print a second run. And they’re raising money the old-fashioned way to fund it.

But this isn’t just any old baby food book; Shane drew on inspiration from what parents feed their babies around the world. The layout is gorgeous, with adorable kiddo photos, mouthwatering food photography and passport stamps from different countries. Dishes like Turkey Bolognese, Tarragon Carrots and Gyro with Tzatziki are not only healthy choices that will expand your baby’s palate … they’re darn fine meals for the whole family.

Help them fund the printing through Kickstarter and you not only get a very cool cookbook for as little as $25 (which also makes a great gift, by the way); you get to know you’re supporting a couple in a worthy quest of raising a nation of children who love nourishing food.

Watch this video and click through to support if you’re moved … and help spread the word by tweeting, posting on facebook, or even grabbing the cool widget from Kickstarter.


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