Open-Faced Avocado Tomato Sandwich

This avocado and tomato sandwich embodies all sorts of nutritional virtues: whole grains, healthy fats and fresh vegetables. But really it does even more than that . . . it exemplifies how enjoyable even the simplest fresh food can be.



2 Replies to “Open-Faced Avocado Tomato Sandwich”

  1. Lia, this is almost exactly what I’ve been eating for breakfast all summer and loving it! I use toasted sprouted semolina bread and sometimes add cucumber or a fried egg if I’m really in need of nourishment.

  2. Oh yea on that fried egg. If I’m feeling decadent I’ll add a slice of bacon. I love the idea of cucumbers, though. A little extra ‘fresh’. Great to hear from you, Karen!

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